SUCCIN - Unica in Mundo
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Unica in Mundo and Baltic gold

SUCCIN - Unica in Mundo

Succin Unica in Mundo is a brand of luxurious hand-made Baltic amber watches.
Our watches owe their uniqueness to the unusual colour and saturation of the amber.

Amber, which is appreciated for its noble colour and unique beauty, originates from fossil resin which was secreted from trunk or branch damage. It dates back 40 million years to the Early Oligocene period.

The Baltic region in Europe is home to the largest known deposit of genuine amber.
Baltic amber (Succinite), also known as Baltic gold, is renowned for its decorative purposes and healing properties.

A number of magic-medicinal properties are attributed to Amber:
- as an amulet of the cult of the sun it is said to attract wealth,
- has a beneficial effect on our psyche,
- calms and strengthens the creative forces,
- restores the natural electrostatic field of our cells.

In our creations we use only certified, genuine amber and the best Swiss watch mechanisms.

Hence our slogan: Unica in Mundo (globally unique) - There are no two identical Succin watches.
They are as unique as the woman who chooses to wear such an item of distinction.

Before choosing Your Succin Unica in Mundo watch... choose the color of Your amber:
The choice in Four Seasons Collection: Wiosna, Estiver, Herbst, Inverno
and by special order in the Art collection: Picasso, Klimt, Nikifor and Van Gogh.

SUCCIN - Unica in Mundo